J&J 6.jpgMeet Johnny and June (yes—as in Johnny and June Cash!), also known as “June Bug” and “Murr.” These four-and-a-half month old kittens belong to Sacramento SALT receptionist Sheryl Burns and her husband, Jordy. After the loss of their Labrador Retriever, Raven, in July (previously featured as the February 2017 SALT Pet of the Month), they

Bathroom pose (002).jpgMeet Leon, the spunky little kitten belonging to Legal Secretary Samantha Duzniak. For the longest time, Sam did not want pets, but things changed when Leon and his sister Daphne were found in the street at just three weeks old. Sam’s sister helped foster the two siblings and ended up adopting Daphne, leaving Leon in

IMG_1728.jpgMeet Louie, the handsome Maltese belonging to Sacramento SALT Associate Mike Le and his girlfriend Lai. Louie is six years old and maintains his youthful appearance effortlessly with the puppy haircuts he receives from Lai.

Louie has been known to play the “shy guy” around new people and animals when he first meets them. But


Meet Dante and DaVinci, two mini donkeys (aka “the donkey doodles”), belonging to Paychex Inc. Manager of State and Local Tax Dee Waldruff and her family. Dee’s thoroughbred, Alice, and her retired racing Greyhound, Indy, were previously featured as Pets of the Month in March 2015. Dante and DaVinci joined the Waldruff family shortly thereafter

Photo1.jpgMeet five-year-old Eleanor and two-year-old Casper, the beloved pets of Kathryn McClure, Senior State Tax Director at NBC Universal (a Comcast company). Eleanor (Ellie) is a delightful mix of Golden Lab, Keeshond, West Highland Terrier and Dachshund. She came to Kathryn through the Golden Retriever Rescue. Ellie is highly intelligent, very stubborn and resourceful; she can

Caldwell 1.jpg

Meet Caldwell, the newest family member of Eversheds Sutherland Associate Todd Betor and his fiancée Michelle. Caldwell, a Kentucky gentleman, is a six-month-old Labradoodle. Before joining Todd and Michelle, Caldwell’s blue steel look captured their hearts from the computer screen. Michelle’s “puppy proposal” sealed the deal, and Todd was off to the Blue Grass State.

Chloe  Bella.jpgMeet Chloe and Bella, twelve and eleven year old Shih Tzu’s belonging to Valerie Saines, Director – State Income Tax at T-Mobile. Also known as Chloe-Poo and Bella-Roo, these two girls are best friends who go everywhere and do everything together despite their very different personalities.

Chloe is a true little princess. Her most favorite

Doodle.jpgMeet Doodle, the family member of Cooper Monroe, State and Local Tax Director at Duke Energy. Doodle is a rescue dog from a Dachshund rescue place in York, South Carolina. Cooper and his family were told that Doodle was a wire-haired dachshund; however, because the vet says Doodle’s legs are too long, he is a

Lexi 1.jpgLovely Lexie is owned by Eversheds Sutherland Associate Jessie Eisenmenger.

Lexie is approximately 10 years old, and Jessie adopted her in 2013 from the Anne Arundel County Animal Control shelter. When Jessie first brought her home from the shelter, Lexie was terrified and climbed in a hole between Jessie’s dishwasher and the wall. She hid

Abby close up.jpgThis month, we are revisiting one of our prior Pets of the Month for a “Closer Look” follow up. This month we honor Abby Fulps, who previously shared her Pet of the Month glory with her sister Olive in 2012. Abby is a female Boston Terrier belonging to Stephanie Fulps, Sacramento SALT Office Coordinator/Paralegal and