Say hello to Agnes and Oscar, our April SALT Pets of the Month! This dynamic duo keeps Associate Madison Ball’s home full of fun!

Agnes is a 2-year-old Shih Tzu mix with special one-eyed vision. What she lacks in eyesight she makes up for in curiosity and affection! Agnes is happy to do pretty much anything – she just wants to be included. Surprisingly speedy, she always champions the race home against her parents.

Madison’s pet rabbit, Oscar, has managed to live well past his life expectancy. At least 15 years old, Oscar is a faithful companion, even if he has become a bit of a grouch in his old age. He enjoys his days rummaging under the bed while Agnes is running about the house. Oscar can be quite mischievous and is known to steal a piece of fruit if given the opportunity. Who can blame him? Fresh fruit is awesome!

Agnes and Oscar are a great pair of furry friends! Welcome to SALT Pet of the Month club.