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Meet mama Dory! This precious tabby cat and her league of kittens are under the careful watch of Maria Biava, Senior Managing Associate General Counsel at Verizon.

For the last several years, Maria has been on a mission to rescue feral cats from a Philadelphia neighborhood once known for housing local breweries. Named after a

Say hello to Diego! Adopted in 2022, this 13-year-old certified good boy is owned by Brandi Drake, Senior Director of Strategic Tax at Charter Communications.

When he first came home with Brandi and her husband, Matthew, he looked at them for permission for everything – except for one thing. Despite being a senior pup, he

Meet our March SALT Pets of the Month, 12-year-old Sunny and 5-year-old Lily! These lovely ladies belong to David Weiner, Vice President and Tax Counsel for A&E Television Networks. 

Sunny and Lily were both rescued as adult pups and were happy to join David’s family in 2017 and 2020. Sunny, whose coat is an adorable

As cute as he is cuddly, meet Zorro, our February Pet of the Month! Zorro is an adorable Cardigan Welsh Corgi that turned two this past Halloween. His proud parent is Jéanne Rauch-Zender, Editor in Chief of Tax Notes State.

Beyond snacking on tasty treats, he loves to play baseball with Jéanne’s kids, and

Meet our January Pet of the Month, Belle! She belongs to Jonnell Quarrie, Director of Tax at MOD Pizza.

Belle recently turned two in December, and is a delightful mix of Lhasa Apso and Cocker Spaniel. She joined Jonnell’s family on St. Patrick’s Day in 2021, and looks like Lady from the Disney classic Lady

California Dreamin’! Meet Callie, an eight-year-old yellow lab belonging to Mark McCormick, Director of US State Local and Indirect Tax at Newell Brands.

Callie joined Mark and his family as a small pup. They had just gotten back from a trip to California (where Mark is from) when they got her, so she is their

Meet Rose of Pinot Noir, a.k.a. Rosie! Rosie makes her home in the Pacific Northwest with Partner Nikki Dobay and her husband, Per. Rosie leapt into their lives and hearts in April, and gets her name as an homage to her older sister Grapes, who passed away earlier this year. Rosie was born two

Meet little miss Emmy! Our August Pet of the Month is a rescue pup of Chris Emigholz, Vice President of Government Affairs at the New Jersey Business & Industry Association.

Emmy is three and a half years old, and was welcomed into the Emigholz family several years ago as a Christmas gift to Chris’ kids.