Introducing Winston, our esteemed SALT Pet of the Month for March! Named after former UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Winston is the beloved mate of Kevin Reddick, Senior Director of Tax at Home Depot.

Winston’s senior age and wardrobe full of bow ties may signal a calm, distinguished demeanor; however, this is mistaken! Winston has regular episodes of the “zoomies” and is able to jump to chest height on his humans. He will always bark hello to his canine neighbors and is enthusiastic about playing long games of fetch.

Although he’s a lively lad, Winston also enjoys snuggling. He will lay with his humans as they read, and take naps in his cozy dog chair that fits him perfectly. Winston also likes to paw-trol Kevin’s walk to his home office, ensuring he’s set up for success on work-from-home days. What a good boy!

It’s an honor to welcome you to the SALT Pet of the Month family, Winston!