Meet May’s SALT Pet of the Month, Loki! This gentle giant, named after the mischievous Marvel character, makes his home with John Barnes, Senior Tax Director at T-Mobile.

True to his name, the two-year-old Great Dane keeps John and his family on their toes with plenty of playful antics. Loki loves to put his whole face in his water bowl, drink from the hose (pictured below!) and follow his humans around like a loyal shadow.

When he’s not relishing car rides, walks or a game of hide and seek, Loki can be found indulging in chicken jerky, peanut butter or even nibbling on his own front leg – sucking on it like a personal pacifier!

Determined to emulate a lap dog, Loki will try to sit in your lap and let you know when he’s had enough attention.

John and his family are lucky to have this kind fellow. Welcome to the SALT Pet of the Month club, Loki!

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