We interrupt our regularly scheduled SALT dog and cat programming to bring you our very first SALT duck and duckling of the month. Meet the mother-daughter duo, Natalia and Tatiana, two Muscovy ducks who could only fittingly be given Russian names. The mother-daughter duo is part of a larger flock of ducks and ducklings that

Eversheds Sutherland’s newest SALT associate, Peter Hull, recently joined our New York office and brought along the latest addition to our SALT pet family, Luna.

An adorable, but sometimes troublesome, two-year-old golden retriever, Luna has a knack for mischief – including the time she became “that dog,” and ate Peter’s law school notebook at the

Meet Winston, a seven-month-old English Labrador Retriever who belongs to Damian Hunt, Director – State and Local Tax at Amazon. Despite being named after a former British Prime Minister, this English Lab is more concerned with royal formalities than political negotiations.

As a puppy, Winston did his best to emulate British monarchs of the past,

Eversheds Sutherland’s newest SALT associate, Lexi Louderback, is bringing more than just her deep knowledge and experience in handling multistate taxation issues to our Sacramento office. Joining Lexi is the other newest member of our SALT family, her adorable pup, Mufasa, named for the large scraggly mane he had sported when first adopted from

Romeo Trencs was named after one of the greatest love stories of all time. So it is only fitting that he now finds himself wrapped up in another love story of epic proportions. Romeo’s owners, Eversheds Sutherland Associate Samantha Trencs and her fiancé Davis Jenkins, are planning for their wedding this August. 

Romeo, an apricot

Meet Oscar, a dachshund mix belonging to Jeff Langer, Senior Tax Manager at The Home Depot. Jeff recruited Oscar to head up his “Squirrel Patrol” in November 2017 from the Atlanta Humane Society. Now at three years old and weighing 19 pounds he takes the job very seriously, watching out the windows and alerting Jeff

Meet Ellie, the best friend of Hanish Patel, SALT associate in Eversheds Sutherland’s Atlanta office, and his fiancée, Paru.

Ellie and Paru met in St. Louis (Ellie is a 2012 cum laude graduate of the Puppy Obedience School of St. Louis). When Paru accepted a job in Atlanta, Ellie moved in with Paru’s parents in

Conventional wisdom states that one does not pick up the nicest habits hanging around a track. However, having spent his youth racing, Rocket, the pet of Jéanne Rauch-Zender, editor in chief of State Tax Notes, nonetheless grew into quite the gentleman. For example, he loves to eat cheese but the only “trick” he learned is

Meet Lola, the svelte and sprightly pet of Mike Kerman, SALT associate in Eversheds Sutherland’s Washington office, and his wife Kristy Callahan (Lola’s “real” last name is Kermallahan, a portmanteau). Lola is a black lab-whippet mix, to be confirmed by DNA test, who celebrated her first birthday on Thanksgiving Day.

Mike and Kristy took Lola

As 2018 drew to a close, many of us took a moment to express gratitude for the wonderful things in our lives and made plans to live a little better in the coming year.

In looking ahead, we can all learn from Ben the bulldog. He sent Eversheds Sutherland SALT his list of 2019 resolutions