Given the dramatic limitations on business travel and mandatory work-from home policies caused by COVID-19 concerns, multistate employers should evaluate how these disruptions impact their state and local tax obligations related to employment. Following is a brief summary of the state and local employment tax issues that multistate employers may need to address during the

In 2015, Chicago expanded its 9% “amusement tax” to reach amusements that are delivered electronically. In September , 2019, an Illinois appellate court held in Labell v. City of Chicago that the new streaming tax complied with the state constitution and did not violate the Internet Tax Freedom Act. On March 25, 2020, the Illinois

In Gannon v. Airbnb, Inc., a Florida appellate court held that vacation rental platforms are not required to collect local lodging tax. The ruling reasons that the tax is imposed on the owner of the property, and vacation rental platforms are “conduits,” not owners. A dissenting opinion analogized rental platforms to property managers, which

The Georgia Department of Revenue released guidance on March 17 clarifying that marketplace facilitators will be required to collect and remit state sales tax being April 1. The bulletin states that marketplace sellers in the state are not required to collect or remit state sales or use tax on retail sales that the marketplace facilitator

This podcast discusses the recently passed Maryland digital advertising tax, which proposes a first of its kind state tax on digital advertising imposed on gross revenues of up to 10%. The bill awaits Governor Larry Hogan’s signature – and he is expected to veto it. Our State and Local Tax team provides a ten

Earlier today, the Maryland legislature passed H.B. 732, which proposes a first of its kind Digital Advertising Gross Revenues Tax. The legislature also passed H.B. 932, which would expand Maryland’s sales tax to sales of digital products (both downloads and streaming). The bills will now be sent to Governor Hogan for signature or veto. If

Connecticut H.B. 5458 would include “marketplace facilitators” as persons responsible for the dollar-a-day surcharge imposed on the short-term rental of a passenger vehicle. The legislation incorporates by reference the definition of “marketplace facilitator” in the sales tax code – a person who is compensated for the facilitation of at least $250,000 in retail sales of

During the evening of St. Patrick’s Day, the Maryland State Senate passed on third reading (i.e., a floor vote) H.B. 732, which would impose a new Digital Advertising Gross Revenues Tax and H.B. 932, which would expand Maryland’s sales tax to digital products, including streaming. H.B. 732 passed by a vote of 29-16, and