An Alabama legislator has re-introduced a bill that would expressly exempt “virtual currency” from ad valorem tax. Alabama broadly imposes its ad valorem tax on all property, unless expressly exempt. Under current law, several other forms of currency are enumerated as exempt, such as “money on deposit in any bank or banking institution and all

The New York Division of Tax Appeals determined that a multilevel marketing company’s provision of access to its web-based software that contains confidential and proprietary information and reports for use in developing business was neither the taxable sale of prewritten computer software, nor the sale of a taxable information service. The company, a multilevel marketing

The Indiana Department of Revenue issued a protest ruling that an auto parts manufacturer was entitled to a refund on certain software service purchases for the 2017, 2018, and 2019 years. The taxpayer licensed software through a remote platform into which taxpayer loaded its own data for education services, cloud services, and manufacturing support services.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal affirmed the trial court’s ruling that online travel companies (OTCs) did not owe local sales and occupancy taxes on the fees charged by the OTCs to their customers for facilitating the customers’ online reservations with hotels located in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana nor were responsible for remitting the taxes collected

The New York Division of Tax Appeals determined that an online loan marketplace was not a taxable information service. The taxpayer operates an online loan marketplace where it connects and matches prospective borrowers seeking loans (and other credit-based products) with lenders that are seeking qualified borrowers. The taxpayer generated revenue through agreements with each lender

The Minnesota Department of Revenue updated its fact sheet relating to calculating sales tax for certain discounts, including online deals and cryptocurrency. Specifically, for “Daily Deal Website Vouchers and Coupons,” the fact sheet states that the purchase of the discount voucher is not taxable, but once redeemed, the retailer should charge tax on the amount

In November 2021, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue published its updated Publication 240 regarding the taxability of digital goods. Among other updates, the publication clarifies that taxable “other news or information products” are those products that “disseminate news or information,” for example charges for access to online databases or websites where the payer may perform

In the December 3, 2021 issue of the Maryland Register, the Comptroller confirmed that it adopted regulations to the Digital Advertising Gross Revenues Tax on November 24, 2021. Despite robust comments provided to the proposed regulations (including those provided by Eversheds Sutherland), the Comptroller made almost no changes in the final version.  The Comptroller’s

The Ohio Department of Taxation recently issued an FAQ addressing the gross receipts calculation regarding remote sellers’ registration and tax remittance requirements. Following South Dakota v. Wayfair, Ohio required remote sellers to register with the Department and begin collecting sales tax if the seller had greater than $100,000 in gross receipts or at least