The New York Tax Appeals Tribunal held that a company’s fees related to sales of its labor procurement system were taxable sales of pre-written software.

Taxpayer, Inc., provides services to assist customers in gathering, organizing, managing and assembling their contingent labor force. As part of its service contracts, taxpayer grants its customers license to

In the latest episode of the SALT Shaker Podcast, Eversheds Sutherland attorneys Jeff Friedman and Jeremy Gove welcome UConn School of Law Professor Rick Pomp to discuss Jeff and Professor Pomp’s US Supreme Court cert petition in Ellingson Drainage, Inc. v. South Dakota Department of Revenue.

Jeff, Jeremy and Professor Pomp delve into the

On June 7, 2024, the Arizona Supreme Court held that reimbursements received by a hotel when participating in a hotel rewards program were subject to the Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT). The reimbursements were paid to the taxpayer when it provided a guest with a complementary hotel stay under the program. The rewards program required the

The North Carolina Supreme Court affirmed a lower court ruling that a taxpayer was a manufacturer for purposes of the State’s Mill Machinery Exemption, and was therefore entitled to a sales and use tax exemption on its purchase of materials used to produce hot mixed asphalt (HMA).

North Carolina exempts manufacturing companies subject to a

The Louisiana Court of Appeal held that online travel booking companies were not “dealers” required to collect sales taxes. The Louisiana Department of Revenue and various localities sued the booking companies for only collecting tax on the wholesale rate charged by the hotels rather than the retail rate charged to customers, which included a service

The Illinois Appellate Court affirmed the Illinois Tax Tribunal’s determination that aviation fuel sold to airlines and subsequently stored at O’Hare International Airport is not exempt from the Retailer’s Occupation Tax (ROT) because the fuel was not consumed solely outside of the state.

The taxpayer, an aviation fuel retailer, argued that its fuel was subject

The Appellate Division, Third Department, affirmed the Tax Appeals Tribunal’s decision that a taxpayer was providing taxable information services for sales tax purposes.  The taxpayer provided services that measured the effectiveness of its customers’ advertising campaigns.  The services included providing a report analyzing surveys of customers/internet users, including a comparison of the client’s campaign results

The California Court of Appeal for the Third Appellate District held that the purchase of “discounted” cell phones bundled together with wireless services requires payment of sales tax based on the cell phone’s full price.

Plaintiffs purchased cell phones at a reduced cost, together with wireless services, in a “bundled transaction.” The bundled transaction included

Taxpayer, a fleet management company, leases vehicles to businesses pursuant to a lease agreement that contains a terminal rental adjustment clause (“TRAC”) which is a clause that adjusts the amount of rent due under the lease at the end of the lease based on the value of the vehicle at that time. Depending on the