On May 8, 2024, the California Senate’s Revenue and Taxation Committee held a hearing on S.B. 1327, which would impose a 7.5% tax on data extraction transactions in California. The committee passed the bill by 4 votes to 1. 

Peter Blocker, Vice President of Policy at CalTax, testified in opposition to the bill. He indicated that it would raise operating costs for small businesses, increase costs for consumers, and be subject to legal challenges, including for violations of the Commerce Clause to the United States Constitution and the Internet Tax Freedom Act. He was the only witness to testify regarding the tax. The two witnesses who testified in support of the bill instead focused on issues related to local news.

Multiple committee members voted in favor of the bill despite expressing misgivings, including the impact on California’s budget deficit, the outcome of the ongoing litigation regarding Maryland’s digital advertising tax, and whether the tax credits to local newsrooms would be properly implemented.