In this episode of the SALT Shaker Podcast policy series, Erica Kenney, West Coast Counsel of the Council On State Taxation (COST) and Jeff Newgard, Principal and Owner of Peak Policy, join host and Partner Nikki Dobay for a discussion of proposed legislation in Oregon and Colorado. Who knew they would be sharing tax haven “blacklist” stories? Both states still have a long way to go before sine die, but it is a good point in time for listeners to get a sense of where things are with respect to several proposals.

The podcast ends with a new feature — “surprise nontax question” — that host, Nikki Dobay, and her guests each answer!

The Eversheds Sutherland State and Local Tax team has been engaged in state tax policy work for years, tracking tax legislation, helping clients gauge the impact of various proposals, drafting talking points and rewriting legislation. This series, which is focused on state and local tax policy issues, is hosted by Partner Nikki Dobay, who has an extensive background in tax policy.

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