Meet Rose of Pinot Noir, a.k.a. Rosie! Rosie makes her home in the Pacific Northwest with Partner Nikki Dobay and her husband, Per. Rosie leapt into their lives and hearts in April, and gets her name as an homage to her older sister Grapes, who passed away earlier this year. Rosie was born two days after Grapes’ passing, so Nikki and Per are fairly certain she is Grapes’ reincarnation!

As an eight-month-old Rat Terrier, she’s wiggled her way into their hearts with her terrier attitude and little ear nibbles. Rosie loves to munch on any and all treats, but she is particularly fond of scones. Rosie’s fondness was acquired at a young age when Nikki and Per took her to a local coffee shop each day to socialize her. Now, she gets very upset after her morning run if the scone delivery has not been made!

When she isn’t munching on scones, Rosie loves to run on the trails in Forest Park in Portland. She also loves to play with other dogs – the bigger, the better! She’s developing a fondness for wine tasting, like Grapes before her. She gets a lot of attention at local wineries, and with a name like Rose of Pinot Noir, plus a cute face, how can they resist?

Waking up with Rosie is really something – after having her breakfast and a trip to the yard, she bounds back up to bed where she proceeds to become Lady Piranha – a high energy pup who wakes her owners up with kisses and nibbles!

Nikki and Per are thrilled to have the sweet and loving addition to their family. They miss Grapes every day, but are looking forward to many years with Rosie and the possibility of her having a sister in the future.

Welcome, sweet Rosie!