Meet Grapes! While this Rhodesian Ridgeback and pitbull mix is a senior lady (she’ll be 14 soon!), that doesn’t mean she’s lost her spunk and love for life!

Grapes is the fur child of one of SALT’s newest partners, Nikki Dobay, who works in our Sacramento office. What started as simply looking at puppy pictures while studying for the bar exam resulted in Nikki gaining a longtime family member. When you look at Grapes’ sweet face, can you blame her?

Grapes doesn’t shy away from the finer things in life. While ice cream is one of her favorite treats, her go-to is a croissant – but only if it’s fresh! Otherwise, you might find a paw in your face and her saying, “no thanks.”

Grapes’ unique, fruity name was gifted to her as a puppy, and it stuck. In fact, other pups in her litter also had fruit-inspired names – Apple, Banana, Mango and more! Grapes lives up to her moniker when she visits wineries on the weekends with her humans. You can also find her enjoying a nice, lengthy nap on the couch (probably after devouring another croissant.)

Welcome to the SALT family, sweet Grapes – we’re so glad you are our November Pet of the Month!

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