A Posy of Pups! Meet Iris, a 14-week-old pup belonging to Justin Brown, a SALT associate in our Atlanta office. She joins big sister and previous Pet of the Month honoree, Daisy, in bringing plenty of cuteness to Justin’s home.

Justin recently rescued Iris from a local pet adoption agency after realizing Daisy would like to have a companion in the house. According to the adoption agency, Iris’ mom is a blue heeler mix and dad is a beagle, making for a perfectly adorable combination in Miss Iris.

Iris is still limited to puppy food and small training treats. However, lucky for Justin, she doesn’t seem to mind her meals and happily devours them, unlike her discerning big sister.

While eating seems to be no problem, Iris enjoys a few naughty habits, including leaving puppy tooth prints on everything in the house, especially wooden items such as window sills and furniture. She makes up for it by being surprisingly good on a leash, and has already enjoyed a few nice hikes with her dad and big sister.

Justin was initially worried about how Daisy would take to her little sister, but after about two days together at home, they have become best friends and wear each other out on a daily basis, roughhousing and chasing each other around the house and backyard.

Welcome to the SALT Pet of the Month club, sweet Iris!