Meet Daisy, an adorable beagle who belongs to SALT Associate Justin Brown. Justin had always wanted a dog but was worried he never had enough time to properly care for one. Working from home during the pandemic, Justin decided it was the right time to adopt. In May he went out and found Daisy at a rescue shelter in North Georgia. Justin was pulled in by Daisy’s sweet eyes and instantly knew she would be the perfect dog to take home.

Daisy is a sweet and friendly pup, who loves to socialize with humans and other dogs. She has a voracious appetite and will rarely pass up an opportunity to eat. This summer she has really enjoyed eating fresh watermelon.

When choosing her name, Justin didn’t realize at first how fitting of a name Daisy would turn out to be. The two of them enjoy taking leisurely walks together, and Daisy just loves to stop and smell the flowers (along with everything else) every chance she can get. Daisy also enjoys the walks because it’s a chance for her to see other dogs and humans. Daisy is friendly to a fault, and can hardly contain her excitement when she sees other people out walking – especially children.

Daisy is still learning tricks, but she has learned to sit – so long as she knows there is a treat waiting for her. Daisy also has a keen sense of smell and loves when Justin hides treats around the house for her to find.

While working from home, Daisy has been a great companion to Justin and all of the extra time they have spent together has shown Justin how caring and trusting of a dog Daisy is.

We are thrilled to feature Daisy as our August pet of the month!