Welcome to the second episode of the Eversheds Sutherland State and Local Tax policy series, a new feature of the SALT Shaker Podcast. In this episode, we discuss substantive state tax legislative issues that should be on your radar for 2021. With the recognition that many state and local governments will be looking for additional revenue, we review the top three items on our lists (and a few others). Some of the items we are watching include digital advertising taxes, the need to replenish unemployment trust funds, a revisiting of credits and incentives, administrative gimmicks to accelerate revenue and taxes targeted at companies that have done well during the pandemic. But, we do not forget the usual suspects.

The Eversheds Sutherland State and Local Tax team has been engaged in state tax policy work for years, tracking tax legislation, helping clients gauge the impact of various proposals, drafting talking points and rewriting legislation. This series, which is focused on state and local tax policy issues, is hosted by Partners Nikki DobayCharlie Kearns and Todd Lard, who each have extensive backgrounds in tax policy.

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