This week on the SALT Shaker Podcast, Eversheds Sutherland Associate Jeremy Gove is pleased to welcome Professor Richard Pomp, a state and local tax professor at both the University of Connecticut School of Law and NYU School of Law, to discuss the pending U.S. Supreme Court cert petition in Quad Graphics, Inc. v. North Carolina Department of Revenue.

Professor Pomp recently filed an amicus brief with COST supporting Quad Graphics in its request to have the US Supreme Court review its North Carolina Supreme Court decision, which upheld the North Carolina Department of Revenue’s sales tax assessment rather than a use tax assessment. The decision was upheld despite Quad Graphics lacking sufficient nexus to be subject to the North Carolina sales tax.

Jeremy and Professor Pomp discuss the Quad Graphics case and the cert petition in greater detail, and how it relates to two long-standing U.S. Supreme Court cases: McLeod v. J.E. Dilworth Co. and General Trading Co. v. State Tax Commission.

To end the show, Jeremy proposes a pertinent question now that business travel is on the rise – have backpacks replaced briefcases?

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