At the Multistate Tax Commission (MTC) Executive Committee Meeting in Spokane, Washington, the Arm’s-Length Adjustment Service (ALAS) Advisory Group provided an update on its transfer pricing effort. On May 7, 2015, the Executive Committee approved the Final Program Design for the transfer pricing program (the Program). After receiving approval from the MTC’s Executive Committee, ALAS

The Multistate Tax Commission’s Arm’s-Length Adjustment Services Advisory Group met via teleconference to continue the design of a program to analyze intercompany transfer pricing. Since they last met on March 4, the Group sent invitations to 48 states to join the program. Of the responding 21 states, 4 states indicated an interest in joining the

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The Arm’s Length Adjustment Service Advisory Group of the Multistate Tax Commission continued its transfer pricing effort with a teleconference today to discuss its training and implementation program. This initiative has extended over a year, and the MTC is aiming for approval from the Executive Committee by May 2015. States

By Jonathan Maddison and Timothy Gustafson

The Indiana Department of Revenue determined that forced combination of an Indiana taxpayer, its wholly owned disregarded entity and its out-of-state parent company was appropriate where the disregarded entity generated 92% of the federal consolidated group’s sales but only 0.14% of the consolidated taxable income for the taxpayer. The

At its Fall Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee on December 11-12, the MTC’s Executive Committee voted to formally contact states to solidify whether there is sufficient financial commitment to fund any potential MTC transfer pricing program. The MTC also formally announced that Iowa, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island will join the MTC audit program. Additionally, the MTC’s

The MTC continued its foray into transfer pricing. In a highly anticipated meeting, the MTC engaged with seven economics firms—all of which could potentially offer their services to the MTC—to determine how best to tackle state transfer pricing issues. With a target date of Summer 2015 for implementation of a robust transfer pricing audit program

On June 25, the Arm’s Length Adjustment Services Advisory Group (the Group) of the Multistate Tax Commission (MTC) met via teleconference to continue the process of developing a multistate arm’s length pricing adjustment service. States participating in the meeting included Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia. The primary focus of the meeting was to follow up from the June 2 meeting in St. Louis.

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By Sahang-Hee Hahn and Timothy Gustafson

The Indiana Department of Revenue required an out-of-state clothing company and its subsidiary to file a combined Indiana corporate income tax return, determining that the taxpayer’s transfer pricing study was insufficient to establish that its intercompany transactions were conducted at arm’s length. The taxpayer was the parent of a