To ring in the New Year, this month’s SALT pet is not our typical cuddly mammal, but is a friendly part of the family all the same. Meet Greeny, the 4-inch goldfish!

Greeny belongs to Open Weaver Banks, Counsel in the New York office and joined the family in 2006 after Open received an urgent

Meet April! This sweet lady belongs to Mark Coffeen, Director of U.S. Federal Taxes at Lear.

April is the perfect mix of Border Collie and Springer Spaniel, and joined the Coffeen family in 2011. According to Mark and his wife, Nancy, it was love at first sight at a local humane society. His son, Chris,

Meet Grapes! While this Rhodesian Ridgeback and pitbull mix is a senior lady (she’ll be 14 soon!), that doesn’t mean she’s lost her spunk and love for life!

Grapes is the fur child of one of SALT’s newest partners, Nikki Dobay, who works in our Sacramento office. What started as simply looking at puppy pictures

Breen Schiller recently joined the SALT team as a partner based in the Chicago office and we reached out to her family to get the scoop on Marlin, their two-year old “double doodle.”

Breen’s kids remember exactly what inspired his name. “We named him after that fish movie…Finding Nemo! It is Nemo’s dad.”


Tank the dog and Pumpkin the cat, pets belonging to the family of Mark Fadden, Associate Director, Tax at Horizon Therapeutics, are living proof that even the unlikeliest of fellows can become best friends.

Tank and Pumpkin were not fated to cross paths. As a youth, Tank was institutionalized and awaiting a dire fate had

Meet Daisy, an adorable beagle who belongs to SALT Associate Justin Brown. Justin had always wanted a dog but was worried he never had enough time to properly care for one. Working from home during the pandemic, Justin decided it was the right time to adopt. In May he went out and found Daisy at

Meet Burrito! This adorable pup belongs to Kelly Moriarty, Product Manager at Stripe. Almost eight years old, Burrito is a mixed-breed pup with all the fixings. Some of those ingredients include chicken, veggies, rice, black beans, guac, sour cream and salsa – or wait, maybe that was lunch…

But seriously, Burrito’s heritage is still unknown.

As we continue to follow through on stay-at-home orders, Eversheds Sutherland Associate Lexi Louderback has found a new Rae of sunshine to help keep her occupied. Meet Rae, a 10-week old, golden doodle puppy.

Rae was born right before the stay-at-home order began, so it’s been a challenge to teach her that people other than

Our newest SALT associate, Annie Rothschild, might have had to start her new job working from home, but she does get a pretty great office-mate to work alongside with because of it. Meet Marlowe, a 1.5 year-old Goldendoodle. While she’s forced to work from home, Annie and Marlowe have gotten a chance to spend

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Meet Whiskey, a six-and-a-half-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. With his doggy-day-office recently closed until further notice, Whiskey began a work-from-home internship with his boss-mom, Teresa