On July 7, 2020, the California Office of Tax Appeals (OTA) held that a foreign LLC was subject to the state’s $800 LLC tax because it held a 0.7830849% ownership interest in an LLC that owned property in San Diego. In addition to a more traditional nexus test based on an entity’s business activities in

By Todd Betor and Pilar Mata

In a Letter of Findings, the Indiana Department of Revenue disallowed a corporate partner’s attempt to deduct flow-through income from a limited liability company as “foreign source dividends and other adjustments” on its Indiana corporate income tax return. Indiana requires corporate partners to report their share of partnership income,

The Virginia Tax Commissioner overturned the Department of Taxation’s adjustments to a taxpayer’s nonresident Virginia income tax return based on a determination that certain transactions between related entities were indeed conducted at arm’s-length, contrary to the Department’s prior findings. The nonresident taxpayer was the majority owner of both an out-of-state LLC as well as a