The Georgia Senate Special Tax Exemption Study Committee held its initial meeting to plan evaluation of Georgia income and sales tax exemptions by December 1, 2017.

  • The special study committee was created by a Georgia Senate Resolution during the 2017 Legislative Session.
  • The Committee will prioritize exemptions to evaluate, and then recommend whether to continue,

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has signed into law several significant tax bills, affecting various Georgia tax matters, including sales and use taxes, property taxes, corporate income taxes and state tax credits, which:

  • Adjust Georgia’s statutory interest rates applicable for both assessments and refunds for all tax types, as well as create new procedural requirements for

By Stephanie Do and Todd Lard

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky preliminarily enjoined Kentucky from denying tax incentives to a religious-based theme park. The court held that excluding the company from the state’s tax incentives program on the basis of the company’s religious beliefs, message and conduct violated the Establishment and

By Evan Hamme and Marc Simonetti

The Texas Court of Appeals held that sovereign immunity bars Machete’s Chop Shop’s declaratory judgment action because Machete failed to plead that the Texas Film Commission acted ultra vires when it denied Machete’s grant application for the 2010 film, Machete. Machete alleged that the Texas Film Commission lacked authority

By Olga Goldberg and Marc Simonetti

The California Superior Court struck down a regulation that imposed a de facto ban on contingent fee arrangements between businesses and consultants applying for the California Competes tax credit. The Court ruled that the regulation improperly exceeded the scope of the related statute. Ryan U.S. Tax Services, LLC v.

There’s never a dull moment in Delaware when it comes to unclaimed property. The latest salvo comes by way of a lawsuit filed by the Delaware Department of Finance against Blackhawk Engagement Solutions (DE), Inc. (formerly known as Parago, Inc.), a provider of rebate, reward and incentive programs to retailers and other client companies. As

By Chris Mehrmann and Amy Nogid

The Washington State Supreme Court held that a car dealership’s earnings from a “dealer cash” incentive program, offered by the manufacturer, American Honda Motor Company, to dealers to stimulate sales of certain car models within a specific time period, are taxable under the catchall provision of the business and

In his State of the State address at the beginning of the year, Texas Governor Greg Abbott tasked the Legislature with enacting meaningful business tax relief. The Legislature responded by reducing the franchise (also called the margin) tax rate and creating new exemptions and incentives for sales tax. At the same time, however, the Legislature

Perhaps no aspect of New York’s expansive 2014 tax reform has generated as much excitement as the incentives for qualified New York manufacturers. The new law spells out the requirements for qualification and has been supplemented by some additional guidance, including legislation passed a few weeks ago.
In their article for State Tax Notes, Sutherland