By Stephen Burroughs and Jonathan Feldman

Following up on our coverage of Georgia tax reform, late last night the Georgia Assembly passed a committee substitute to the House’s Transportation Funding Bill, H.B. 170. The bill represents a compromise of the House and Senate proposals, establishing a 26-cents-per-gallon excise tax on gasoline and a 29-cents-per-gallon excise tax on diesel fuel. The bill eliminates the tax credit previously available for once incentivized electric vehicles and actually imposes a $200 annual user fee on these vehicles. The provisions originally inserted into the Senate version creating the Special Joint Committee on Georgia Revenue Structure remain, and the bill now awaits Governor Deal’s signature. The Special Joint Committee is required to introduce tax reform legislation during the 2016 legislative session. Any bills or resolutions recommended by the Special Joint Committee may only receive an up or down vote, without amendment. Sutherland will track Georgia tax reform updates as they arise leading into the 2016 legislative session. H.B. 170, 2015-2016 Gen. Assemb., Reg. Sess. (Ga. 2015).