TEI’s Audits and Appeals Seminar, the only tax conference of its kind, is less than two weeks away. You won’t want to miss these ‘must-attend’ SALT sessions:

  • State Tax Judges Panel – Hear from the Other Side of the Bench is a perennial favorite at TEI’s Audits and Appeals Seminar, providing insights into the working

This week, the MTC will host its 55th Annual Meeting & Seminar, including meetings of its standing committees, between August 1 and 4 in Anchorage, AK.

On August 2, Eversheds Sutherland Partners Michele Borens, Nikki Dobay and Jeff Friedman will present during the Uniformity Committee Meeting.

Topics include:

  • Uniform Power of Attorney Proposal – 

On July 14, Eversheds Sutherland attorneys Jeff Friedman, Ted Friedman, Liz Cha, Jeremy Gove and Chelsea Marmor will lead panels for COST’s Mid-Atlantic Regional State Tax Seminar.

Panel details and speakers include:

  • Discussion of State Tax Cases, Issues & Policy Matters to Watch – Jeff Friedman and Jeremy Gove
  • Practical Considerations for Handling Tax Controversies

On May 16, Eversheds Sutherland Partner Nikki Dobay will present Basic Unitary/Filing Methods and State and Local Practice Overview during COST’s SALT Basics School in Atlanta, GA. For more information and to register, click here.

On May 17, Eversheds Sutherland attorneys Maria Todorova and Justin Brown will present The Corporate Income Tax Base and

This week, Eversheds Sutherland attorneys Maria Todorova, Eric Tresh and Liz Cha will participate in panel sessions during TeleStrategies’ 2022 Communications Taxation Conference in New Orleans, LA. The conference addresses the challenging and complex domain of telecommunications taxation, regulatory compliance and fees.
On May 5, Eric and Liz will provide an update on key litigation

Between April 25 and 28, members of the Eversheds Sutherland SALT team will present during COST’s 2022 Income Tax Conference & Spring Audit Session in Denver, CO, which focuses on current income and franchise tax issues.

Presentations and topics include:

  • April 25 State Tax Legislative Update Nikki Dobay
  • April 26 Combined Reporting

On April 5, for the CalTax Foundation’s April webinar, Eversheds Sutherland Partner Tim Gustafson will help discuss the OTA’s procedures for designating precedential opinions, closely examine some precedential opinions of interest, and analyze how authoritative these opinions will be for future OTA decisions. For more information and to register, click here.

In addition, on