corporation business tax

By Ted Friedman and Andrew Appleby

The New Jersey Tax Court held that a corporation was not required to add back electric utilities taxes paid to North Carolina and South Carolina to determine the corporation’s entire net income subject to the New Jersey Corporation Business Tax (CBT). The Tax Court concluded that the electric utilities

By Nicole Boutros and Andrew Appleby

The New Jersey Supreme Court held that the New Jersey Division of Taxation improperly exercised its discretion when it refused to waive its imposition of $1.8 million in late payment penalties and tax amnesty penalties. The taxpayers, five subsidiaries of United Parcel Service of America (collectively, UPS), used a

A New York Tax Appeals Tribunal Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) recently determined that a federal savings and loan association was not required to include a subsidiary, which was formed as a Connecticut passive investment company, in its combined New York City bank tax return. In the Matter of the Petition of Astoria Financial Corporation &

Recently, the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services issued an informational publication explaining its position on the application of the Connecticut Corporate Business Tax on real estate investment trusts (REITs) and revised a previously issued publication on the implications of the state’s economic nexus provisions to foreign (non-U.S.) companies.

The Department’s newly issued guidelines treat REITs in a manner that is similar to the Internal Revenue Code, but the Department strays in certain areas. IP 2010(21) (Dec. 1, 2010).

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