By Charles Capouet and Madison Barnett

The New York City Tax Appeals Tribunal held that a bank filing a combined New York City bank tax return properly excluded from its combined group a Connecticut investment subsidiary that primarily held mortgage loans secured by non-New York property. Where there are substantial intercorporate transactions among banking corporations

By Nicole Boutros and Eric Coffill

The New York State Tax Appeals Tribunal determined that a taxpayer subject to the Article 32 bank franchise tax must use its net operating loss deduction to reduce its entire net income to zero in years in which the bank franchise tax was paid by the taxpayer on an

A New York Tax Appeals Tribunal Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) recently determined that a federal savings and loan association was not required to include a subsidiary, which was formed as a Connecticut passive investment company, in its combined New York City bank tax return. In the Matter of the Petition of Astoria Financial Corporation &

By Zachary Atkins and Andrew Appleby

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court held that treating a merger between two in-state banks differently than a merger between an in-state bank and an out-of-state bank did not violate the Uniformity Clause of the Pennsylvania Constitution. If two in-state banks merged, Pennsylvania law formerly required the combination of the banks’