Happy Halloween from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Leonardo, Karai, Shredder and April (Counsel Maria Todorova).Thumbnail image for Halloween_Todorova.jpgThe family of Associate Robert Merten is just a couple shy of a full Justice League.Thumbnail image for Halloween_Merten.jpgNice to see Green Lantern (Robert Merten) rocking the Sutherland SALT jacket.Thumbnail image for Halloween_no name.jpg

Associate Zack Atkins’ little man Baird wasn’t too happy with his Superman costume, so they went with the bear hat. We think it was a good choice.Thumbnail image for Halloween_Atkins.jpgPartner Leah Robinson and family step back into pre-historic times for their Halloween.Thumbnail image for Halloween_Robinson.jpgSALT Secretary Candice Alba’s daughter in full character for her photo.  Thumbnail image for Halloween_Alba.jpgSALT Secretary Candice Alba’s son enjoying the fruits of his labor.Thumbnail image for Halloween_Alba2.jpgCounsel Tim Gustafson and family supporting the Badgers, Pack, Spartans and authority figures (of all species)!Thumbnail image for Halloween_Gustafson.jpg
Associate Chris Mehrmann and fiancée Tina Chen-Xu reenact deflategate.Thumbnail image for Halloween-Mehermann.jpgAssociate Stephen Burroughs thought his kids were Beauty and the Beast. His daughter quickly corrected him: “I am Cinderella, Dad. Belle only wears a yellow dress. Cinderella wears blue dresses.”Thumbnail image for Burroughs - Halloween 2015.jpgThis little monkey is the youngest grandson of Sutherland SALT Secretary Debbie Manders.Thumbnail image for Halloween_Maders.JPGSALT Secretary Melissa Bragg enjoyed Halloween with her witch (Emma) and little Monster (Madelyn).Thumbnail image for Halloween_Bragg1.jpg
Associate Madison Barnett’s daughters present an adorable bunny and an important literary figure.
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Halloween_Barnett2.jpgThumbnail image for Halloween_Barnett1.JPG

No Sutherland SALT Halloween would be complete without featuring a SALT pet. Associate Jessie Eisenmenger’s cat Lexie decked out in her devil costume.Thumbnail image for Halloween_Eisenmenger.jpgWe hope your weekend was as fun as ours. Share your Halloween photos with us in the comments or via Twitter @SutherlandSALT.