It may still feel like summer, but with school buses rounding the corner and pumpkin spice hitting menus, it’s definitely fall!

To celebrate, we’ve gathered back to school photos from members of our Eversheds Sutherland SALT team for your scrolling pleasure.

From our SALT families to yours, we wish you an excellent year!

1, 2: Legal secretary Candice Alba’s son Marcos (3rd grade) and daughter Olivia (6th grade)

3: Partner Dan Schlueter’s son and daughter (a throwback to years’ past)

4: Partner Breen Schiller’s daughters Avery and Quinn (3rd grade), and son Sullivan (1st grade)

5: Paralegal specialist Jaime Lane’s daughter Cassidy (4th grade) and son Cooper (6th grade)

6: Associate Cat Baron’s cousin Fabiana (pre-K)

7: Executive assistant Debbie Manders’ grandson Jamison (2nd grade)


8, 9: Partner Ted Friedman’s son Van (Pre-K 3s) and daughter Georgie (Kindergarten)

10: Partner Charlie Kearns’ daughter Ella (Pre-K 4s)

11: Partner Jeff Friedman’s daughter Sarah (graduate school)

12: Partner Tim Gustafson’s son Luke (2nd grade) and daughter Cate (6th grade). No school for their furry friend Toby, a previous SALT Pet of the Month!

13, 14: Legal secretary Melissa Bragg’s daughters Emma (8th grade) and Madelyn (2nd grade)


15, 16: Associate Jeremy Gove’s daughter Ria (all-critical butterflies class) and her support system Archer (3 months, slept through class!)

17: Partner Jonathan Feldman’s daughter Anna (6th grade) and son Micah (3rd grade)

18: Associate Laurin McDonald’s daughter Lola (1-year-old preschool)

19: Partner Maria Todorova’s son Nicholas (3rd grade) and daughter Addison (5th grade)

20: Partner Scott Wright’s daughter Shelby (senior year of high school)

21: Partner Michele Borens’ daughter Avery (junior year of college)