Tank the dog and Pumpkin the cat, pets belonging to the family of Mark Fadden, Associate Director, Tax at Horizon Therapeutics, are living proof that even the unlikeliest of fellows can become best friends.

Tank and Pumpkin were not fated to cross paths. As a youth, Tank was institutionalized and awaiting a dire fate had he not been adopted by the Faddens. Pumpkin, on the other hand had an independent and fancy-free lifestyle and once she decided to become a house cat, selected a family by crossing 3 busy streets to follow them home. The family had a full house and asked the Faddens to take the tabby in when Tank was about 3 years old.

In addition to the age difference, the two have wildly divergent interests. The Anatolian Shepherd loves to eat popcorn and search for treats in the garbage , while Pumpkin is a hunter who likes bits of lunch meat. Despite this, they clicked immediately and you can see from these photos how much they enjoy one another. In one dramatic incident, Pumpkin chased off a coyote as Tank was obliviously hanging out in the yard. Pumpkin had been keeping an eye out for trouble daily since Tank had a hind leg in a cast. What a great buddy!

The two do have some things in common.  Both sit before receiving treats and both enjoy walking with the entire family around the neighborhood (though Tank is leashed and Pumpkin characteristically untethered.) We are sure delighted neighbors who witness this feel a spark of hope that even the most different among us can happily live together.