Prentiss Pets 1.jpgMeet Mulligan (Mulli) and Sassy, the adorable Miniature Schnauzers of Sutherland SALT’s Prentiss Willson and his wife, Janice. Janice rescued the dogs, now ages 13 and 11, about six years ago, and they became part of the Willson family after Prentiss and Janice married last year (you can read more about their incredible love story here). Sassy is a sweet girl who is motivated only by food and is quick to remind them when it is time for her next meal (or at least when she thinks it is time). Mulli is a bit skittish after being attacked by another dog earlier in his life, but he is slowly warming up to the steady flow of visitors in the new house.

Since becoming Willsons, the dogs have had to adjust to a new discipline regime. Having finally learned thatPrentissPets.JPG he is not supposed to bark, Mulli faces a moral dilemma every time someone walks by the house (which happens frequently in the friendly vineyard town of Yountville, California). In order to resist the temptation to “warn” Prentiss and Janice about passersby, Mulli now runs and hides in a closet until the coast is clear. It is not all work and no play for the pups, though, as Prentiss and Janice enjoy taking the dogs to a nearby park each day. The dogs enjoy being able to run off-leash in the park, where Prentiss and Janice stand at opposite ends and take turns calling the dogs, who race for treats. Speedy Mulli enjoys lapping slow Sassy, whose fastest run is at best a brisk walk.

Mulli and Sassy are honored to be the June Pets of the Month and promise to sit quietly for a treat to celebrate!