Like other classic combinations before them, Moe and Larry go together like peanut butter and jelly! Read on to find out more about this month’s SALT pets belonging to Linda Klang, Senior Vice President at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.




Moe and Larry are 6-year-old domestic shorthair cats that joined the Klang household thanks to Linda’s niece, Sarah. Sarah was in New Orleans for an internship in 2014 and discovered a cat in her neighborhood gave birth to three kittens. After taking care of them for an entire summer, she successfully (and lovingly) snuck two of them on her flight back to New York, and gifted what she initially thought were two female cats to Linda and her husband, Mark.

Moe and Larry are tried and true brothers – unfortunately without a third brother named Curly – that like to pal around together, eat and occasionally sleep side by side. They will also horse around, but not to worry – no one gets hurt. When it comes to tricks, only Larry likes jump up on a chair or bed if Linda snaps her fingers and calls his name. Moe, meanwhile, has no time to entertain those requests.

When they aren’t after their next dose of catnip, they love to watch TV and run around the living room as fast as they can. Thanks to the work-from-home environment, they have become even more attached to Linda and Mark.

We’re happy to highlight this furry pair for our February Pet(s) of the Month!