Chase JC.JPGMeet Juan Carlos and Felipe, the furry royalty of Sutherland Tax Partner Robb Chase and his wife, Allie. Juan and Felipe are Abyssinians, which the breeder described as a “regal” breed, so the brothers were named after the king and prince of Spain.   

Juan is not a people person and lets his dislike be known if anyone other than Robb comes too close for comfort. Despite his tough demeanor, one of Juan’s favorite pastimes is eating flowers, particularly when he wants to alert Robb that it is time to be fed. Chase F.JPGAlthough he is not allowed, Juan prefers to drink water from the faucet, and if a glass of water is left unattended, he will quickly claim it.

Unlike Juan, Felipe is prone to dropping on his side and rolling over so that you can scratch his belly. But, do not let these signs of affection fool you. Between Juan and Felipe, Felipe rules the roost and has been known to attack his (larger) brother without warning, to the point that Juan has a healthy respect for Felipe and typically keeps his distance. 

Juan Carlos and Felipe say thank you for featuring them as Pets of the Month!