J&J 6.jpgMeet Johnny and June (yes—as in Johnny and June Cash!), also known as “June Bug” and “Murr.” These four-and-a-half month old kittens belong to Sacramento SALT receptionist Sheryl Burns and her husband, Jordy. After the loss of their Labrador Retriever, Raven, in July (previously featured as the February 2017 SALT Pet of the Month), they debated on whether to get another dog. A few months later, a friend at the local animal shelter contacted Sheryl about an abandoned litter of kittens. She sent her pictures of the kittens, and Sheryl immediately fell in love with the black and white male and his little orange tabby sister. J&J 5.jpg When they are not wrestling with one another, the kittens love to sit by the windows and look outside. June is the instigator of most of the kitty mischief that goes on around the house. Sheryl is quite sure that June dreams of being an outside kitty, while Johnny is perfectly content staying indoors to slide Q-tips and hair bands across the floor. They are very affectionate and love to snuggle. At bedtime they start out either on the chair in their bedroom or on their cat tree, but by morning they are both tucked in bed with their humans. We are so excited to feature Johnny and June as our January Pets of the Month!

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