Thumbnail image for Filion Pets.jpgFilion Cats.jpgMeet Jethro and George, the feline companions of Kathy Filion, an executive assistant at Tyco, who answered our recent call for feline pets. Both Jethro and George are rescue kitties and die-hard Green Bay Packers fans (seen drowning their sorrows in food at the end of football season with the Filions’ dog, Gracie, who already had her 15-minutes of fame). George has an adventurous side and once went on a six-week “walk-about.” A kind family called to let the Filions know he was hanging Filion Pet 1.jpgout at their house seven miles away! The Filions were thrilled to have him back. He came home to Gracie and a new little brother, Jethro.  George and Jethro have been buddies ever since. When the boys aren’t reading up on the latest SALT news, they are busy stalking and chasing each other, and then napping from all the hard work they have done. Jethro and George say thanks for choosing them as Pets of the Month…and GO PACK GO!