Thumbnail image for August Pet of the Month 1.jpgMeet Jackson and Angel, the beer-drinking Puggles (i.e., Pug/Beagle mix) of Washington SALT secretary extraordinaire, Debbie Manders. Jackson and Angel are “half-siblings”—born one day apart to separate moms, following a particularly eventful weekend for Dad.

Jackson is all black—a rare find in the Puggle world—and is in the constant shadow of Debbie’s partner, Stretch. Jackson’s many skills include opening doors with his paws, holding beer bottles, balancing on a Pilates ball, catching popcorn and peanuts thrown his way, and walking around the kitchen on his hind legs to scope out food left on the counter (a talent that scored him half a Thumbnail image for August Pet of the Month 3.jpgThanksgiving turkey, several loaves of bread, and other tasty morsels over the years). But Jackson does not take just food without asking; he will also grab Debbie by the wrist and lead her to the goodie jar as part of his effort to welcome her home in the evenings. His animated jumping has earned him the name “Tigger.”

Angel is the lazier of the two, and loves to snuggle and hide under the covers in the morning. Angel likes to begin her day as most of us do—she has developed a taste for coffee and waits attentively for the last sip that belongs to her at the end of the cup. Perhaps due to her sweet and loving nature, Angel’s feelings are hurt more easily and has been known to hold a grudge. When Debbie and Stretch returned from St. Johns last fall, Angel rode home from the August Pet of the Month 2.jpgboarding kennel with her back toward them, facing the back seat of the car. Upon reaching the house, she checked out every room, piddled on each step down the staircase, and quietly retired to her room for the evening. It was days before she was back to her usual self.

Although Jackson has taken on many Pug-like traits and Angel stays true to her Beagle bloodline, one thing is clear—these two SALT Pets of the Month have a lot of human in their personalities!