Clydesdales 3.jpgMeet Isabella and Zelda, the latest additions to the family of Carley Roberts, partner in Sutherland’s Sacramento office, and her husband, Jeremy (you may recall some of Carley’s other pets, featured here and here). These Clydesdales (technically Shires, a type of “draft” or working horse) joined the Roberts’ ranch in September to be companions for their other Clydesdale, 007. Seven lost his half-brother suddenly in 2008 and was never the same, often spotted with his head down in the pasture. For years Carley and Jeremy tried to mix isabella_the_horse.jpgSeven with other non-draft horses, but he remained an outcast. Isabella and Zelda came to the ranch as babies, five and six months old, from Indiana and were led to Seven’s pasture. He immediately began calling out to them in anticipation, while all of the other horses ran the other way. Could it be that he recognized his own kind? Yes! The three have been inseparable ever since. Seven does not let the two out of his sight, and likewise the two fillies look to Seven for protection from the other horses on the ranch. People may say animals do not have the same emotions as humans, but Seven, Isabella and Zelda certainly have us believing otherwise, and we are thrilled to feature these two beauties as Pets of the Month!