Join us in welcoming two very good boys to the SALT Pet of the Month family – Huck and Jax!

Huck and Jax belong to Jeff Newgard, Principal and Owner of Peak Policy. You may also recognize his voice from our SALT Shaker Podcasts, as he’s a regular guest. You can listen to his most recent episode here!

Huck and Jax are four-year-old Australian Shepherds, and worked their way in to the Newgard family’s hearts from a breeder in Scio, OR. Jeff originally wanted a German Shepherd, but he “compromised” with his wife and settled for choosing the two pups’ names. Huck is named after a relatively obscure character in The West Wing, and Jax is named after character Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy. Both are excellent choices for any TV buff out there!

When they aren’t traveling on adventures, they love to eat ice cubes of any kind – from the refrigerator down to whiskey cubes. They also have a habit of barking at anything outside the window, like delivery drivers, people walking on the sidewalk, or, sometimes, even the wind blowing – which makes all of Jeff’s video calls extra special.

Jeff’s five-month-old daughter also benefits from their vocal cords, as they make sure their owners are aware of their baby sister’s every need.

We’re happy to have Huck and Jax in the SALT Pet of the Month crew!