Photo1.jpgMeet five-year-old Eleanor and two-year-old Casper, the beloved pets of Kathryn McClure, Senior State Tax Director at NBC Universal (a Comcast company). Eleanor (Ellie) is a delightful mix of Golden Lab, Keeshond, West Highland Terrier and Dachshund. She came to Kathryn through the Golden Retriever Rescue. Ellie is highly intelligent, very stubborn and resourceful; she can open dog crates, wrought iron gates, the pantry door (and steal the greenies) and has an extensive vocabulary. She loves getting dressed up; she has a tutu for fancy events and a wide variety of sweaters. If you show her a sweater and she wants to wear it, she will let you know and then take it off by herself when she doesn’t want it anymore.

Unfortunately for Ellie, the dreaded mange, which had affected Ellie’s litter, continued to surge again and again. When Kathryn asked the vet what else could be done to help Ellie (as well as two cats who had stress-related health issues because they hate Ellie), the vet’s response was “get a puppy, a very young one. Give Ellie a job and wear out her brain.” Enter Casper, aka The Big Goomba. 

Photo2.jpgCasper is an English Cream Golden Retriever who was eight weeks old and weighed eight pounds when he entered Kathryn’s life. Casper is now a sturdy and trim 105-pound giant; he could be taken for a small Great Pyrenees. He is Kathryn’s third Golden and everyone feels relaxed around him. Casper is a little odd about some things. For example, he will not walk from the hall into the living room; he has to back up like a truck every single time. Casper also is terrified of the cats. One of the cats will sit at the end of the hallway and trap him. He won’t walk past her. Instead he sits and cries for help. Casper has a sense of humor (Ellie doesn’t) and makes Kathryn laugh every day by just being a big goofball. And that horrible mange that plagued Ellie for years? She has not had a single outbreak since Casper entered the family; he is literally worth his weight in gold!  

We are thrilled to feature Eleanor and Casper as our August Pets of the Month!

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