Meet Dante and DaVinci, two mini donkeys (aka “the donkey doodles”), belonging to Paychex Inc. Manager of State and Local Tax Dee Waldruff and her family. Dee’s thoroughbred, Alice, and her retired racing Greyhound, Indy, were previously featured as Pets of the Month in March 2015. Dante and DaVinci joined the Waldruff family shortly thereafter when Dee saw that they were available in a Facebook group post. The donkeys’ previous owner had passed away, and family members were trying to re-home the pair. Dee knew when she saw them that they had to be part of the family.  

Dante and DaVinci joined two horses, three dogs, two cats and a pony on the Waldruff property affectionately referred to as the “Walderosa.”  They quickly became quite the security team, alerting everyone with their loud braying anytime a stranger or animal wandered onto the property.


Finding suitable names for the donkeys was not the easiest of tasks. Dee and her daughter went back and forth with ideas for weeks. Aragorn and Legolas, Buckbeak and Hedwig, Button and Bobbin were all considered, but nothing fit until they landed on Dante and DaVinci.   

Adding the donkey doodles to the Waldruff herd was admittedly the perfect solution to Dee’s mid-life crisis. She says, “Some people want fancy cars, I wanted mini donkeys.” If you ask her husband, he believes it was a moment of insanity. Either way you look at it, they are wonderful additions to the family and bring smiles to everyone they meet.

We are thrilled to feature Dante and DaVinci as our September Pets of the Month!

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