Calvin and Maggie.jpgMeet Calvin and Maggie, the playful new kittens of Sutherland Client & Practice Development Manager Katie O’Brien and her boyfriend, Scott. It has been just five days since the four-month-old pair was adopted from the Atlanta Humane Society, but they are already Sutherland SALT’s biggest fans: while Mom and Dad are away at work, the kittens’ favorite napping spot is on Katie’s fuzzy Sutherland SALT blanket.

Calvin (pictured with Scott) is quite the cuddly cat, preferring to nap every moment he can in Scott or Katie’s lap. Maggie (pictured with Katie) Katie and Maggie.bmpalso enjoys her naps, but she truly loves darting around, determined to capture the ever-elusive red dot of the laser pointer.

Scott and Calvin.bmpKatie and Scott could not be more in love with their new “kids” but hope the coming months bring fewer 4:00 a.m. wakeups by the furry pair purring loudly and batting Mom and Dad’s faces, letting them know it is time to play!