Meet Callie and Cutie, aka “Callie Poo” and “Cutie Pie,” the nine-and-a-half-year-old Domestic Short Hairs belonging to Margie Tiffert, Senior Manager, State Taxes at Fluor Corporation.

Thumbnail image for Callie and Cutie.jpegThese sisters have been with Margie since they were eight weeks old. Margie hadn’t planned on going home with two kittens the day she adopted them, but when she was told they were littermates and had never been separated – she couldn’t leave with only one.

Cutie (the larger one) thinks she is the world’s biggest paperweight. Whenever Margie is working at her desk at home, Cutie likes to make herself comfortable on top of a pile of papers, forcing Margie to pull them out from under her to look at them.

Both girls are a bit shy. When the doorbell rings, they head under the bed (or at least under the comforter). Visitors won’t see them for an hour or more, and then two cute little faces will peer around the corner. Eventually, once they are at ease, Callie and Cutie will allow a lucky guest to pet them.

They are not timid at all when it comes to treats and love nearly all kinds – except the healthy ones like grain free or tartar control. They are particularly fond of deli ham. Margie wouldn’t recommend making a sandwich without sharing. She also doesn’t recommend leaving your drink unattended. One day she came back in the room and caught Callie drinking from her glass.  Margie wonders how many other beverages she’s unknowingly shared with the girls over the years!