Meet Bolt, aka “Boltie,” and Teddy, aka “Puppy,” belonging to Sutherland SALT Senior Counsel Eric Coffill and his wife Margaret.

Boltie was rescued from a kill shelter about two years ago after Margaret saw him on the Petfinder app. Very little is known about his background other than his prior owners kept him in the garage and never allowed him in the house. The little guy was in such poor condition when Margaret brought him home from the shelter that she and Eric worried he was not long for this world.  His mouth was so infected he could hardly eat. The surgery he needed was so complex that Eric and Margaret’s usual vet could not do it. The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine examined him and declined to even attempt the needed dental work. Luckily, Boltie was referred to a wonderful local vet who performed the incredibly expensive surgery and removed all of his teeth. For the next month, Eric and Margaret fed Boltie with a syringe and with their round-the-clock care, he pulled through. He now enjoys a very comfortable life complete with home-cooked meals. He is especially fond of chicken dishes.

While Boltie prefers to spend most of his time cuddling, Teddy, named for his crazed, disheveled teddy bear appearance, enjoys chasing birds and squirrels, killing his toys and chewing on things – people included.

These two little sweeties are so very thankful to be January’s Pets of the Month!

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