jaxmolly.jpgThis month’s Pet of the Month column begins as a tribute to two cherished Labrador Retrievers belonging to Angie Moore, Tax Director at Liberty Media. Sweet Molly and Jax passed away suddenly within three weeks of each other this past summer. They were siblings to Bogey, a seven-and-a-half-year-old Shih Tzu who Angie has had since he was just a pup.

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Sometimes called “Boge” for short, he learned to swim alongside Molly. He even shared a bed with the two Labs and would spoon Molly as they fell asleep. 

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After losing both members of his pack, Bogey had trouble adjusting to life as an only child. Enter Cooper, a Chocolate Lab, who is now a little over seven months old and all puppy. Bogey adores his new rambunctious brother.

Cooper and Bogey enjoy playing with their favorite toy – a multi-leg squeaker-filled frog. (Sometimes Angie’s granddaughter likes to hold onto a leg and get in on the tug-of-war action with them!) The two also share an affinity for dog chews especially each other’s bone. Angie says she could lay out 10 bones in front of them, and the most desirable one would still be the one in the other’s mouth.

These handsome boys are so very thankful to be the November Pets of the Month.