To celebrate October, our featured Pets of the Month are an adorable trio – meet 11-year-old Bella, 10-year-old Coco and 8-year-old Mia!

These three Chihuahua/Dachshund ladies belong to the family of Fahad Mithavayani, one of our newest SALT associates in the New York office. Bella and Coco were rescues, while Mia made her way into the family thanks to a fateful trip to the pet store.

Named after three classic leading ladies– Belle from Beauty and the Beast, designer Coco Chanel and Princess Mia from the Princess Diaries – it’s only fitting that they enjoy the life of luxury. When they aren’t cuddling with their family or enjoying drives to McDonald’s for ice cream, they like to “dance” around the house or snuggle up for a movie night.

Their favorite snacks vary – from filet mignon, to baked cheddar biscuits and beef jerky. However, their love for attention and stretching out on a comfy sofa reigns supreme.

Join us in warmly welcoming Bella, Coco and Mia as our October Pets of the Month!