Thumbnail image for Minde 1.jpgMinde 2.jpgMeet Anthony, Dakota and Annabelle, the lovable orange tabbies belonging to Kathy Minde, Director of State and Local Tax at Lennox International. The Minde family is partial to orange tabbies—Kathy’s first cat was an orange tabby, and in addition to these three, Kathy also has two orange tabby “grandcats.” Anthony—known as big cat—is the alpha. Dakota and Annabelle are sisters, which is quite unusual as only 5% of orange tabbies are female. Anthony and Dakota like to cuddle (as pictured), and Annabelle (pictured under the lamp) thinks she is a dog. Minde 3.jpgShe and the family’s Border Collie/Corgi mix, Gabriel, will cuddle, and Annabelle insists on having him lick her. If he doesn’t give her attention, she plops on her side in front of him, rolls on her back, and reaches her paws up to grab his snout. Thank you to Kathy, Anthony, Dakota and Annabelle for answering our call for more feline Pets of the Month!