Stephanie and Dogs.jpgMeet Abby and Olive, the adorable Boston Terrier “children” of Sutherland SALT administrative assistant Stephanie Fulps and her husband, Jason. After years of swearing she would never get a dog, Stephanie finally gave in to Jason’s pleading and agreed to research dog breeds. Jason always wanted “one of those tall pugs” he saw in the local park, but the two decided to complete a survey to determine the best breed for their lifestyle. As it turned out, the survey recommended they get a Boston Terrier, and after seeing a photo, Jason exclaimed, “There it is! The tall pug!”

Enter Abby, whom Stephanie and Jason adopted when she was three (she will be nine in April). Abby was in need of a loving home where she could get the love and affection she deserved after battling for attention with a much larger Rottweiler.

At first Stephanie and Jason agreed to be strict disciplinarians, but their firm parenting lasted a quick minute before Abby took control. Dominant and feisty, Abby is now quick to remind her parents that they are guests in her house, and it is only because she loves them that they may sit on “her” furniture.Abby and Olive.jpg

Several years later, after Abby recovered from an unfortunate bout with heartworm, Stephanie and Jason decided Abby needed a companion. After searching the internet, they found a woman selling Boston Terrier puppies and brought Olive home on election day in 2008. Sweet but timid, Olive is the perfect companion for her more assertive sister.

Abby and Olive are so happy to be part of the Sutherland family in Sacramento and are excited to be the November Pets of the Month!