Thumbnail image for Wrigley.jpegMeet Wrigley, this month’s Pet of the Month, who was submitted through our SALT Shaker App by Gary Peric, founder of the State Tax Foundation. 

A real sweetheart of a pup, Wrigley (aka PL 86-272) is a mini Golden Doodle. Born to a small Poodle father and Golden Retriever mother, Wrigley celebrates her sixth birthday in November. Happy early birthday, Wrigley! 

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Wrigley palm trees.jpgThe Perics, who are originally from Chicago and big Cubs fans, named their sweet pooch after Wrigley Field as well as the 1992 case, Wisconsin Department of Revenue v. William Wrigley, Jr., Co. Wrigley has been with them since she was eight or nine weeks old, and they have thoroughly enjoyed watching her grow up. She is a great companion and loves to play with everyone – especially children.

Wrigley’s favorite activity is retrieving tennis balls off the pier near the Perics’ summer home in Indiana. If she could, Wrigley would play fetch from sun up to sun down, but Gary limits her to only 10 throws a day to keep her from wearing herself out. 

Wrigley also enjoys playing with her half-brother Scout (same father, different mother). The two share a unique talent for standing on their hind legs and waving to people with a front paw.

Wrigley is so very happy to be September’s Pet of the Month!