Meet Winston, a seven-month-old English Labrador Retriever who belongs to Damian Hunt, Director – State and Local Tax at Amazon. Despite being named after a former British Prime Minister, this English Lab is more concerned with royal formalities than political negotiations.

As a puppy, Winston did his best to emulate British monarchs of the past, by having Damian carry him down from his 10th floor office anytime he needed to go outside. What was at first an easy task, quickly turned into a biceps workout as Winston approached 50 pounds.

In their time together, Damian has been teaching Winston how to fetch. While he is great at tracking the ball down, he has yet to master the concept of returning the ball after he retrieves it –putting a potential career as the Wimbledon ball dog in jeopardy.

Winston is known to eat anything he can get his paws on, including a hefty serving of fish and chips from time to time. However, since he is still teething, any treat, including the occasional cardboard box, will do. Winston is still working on learning a few tricks, and while he can’t yet recite Shakespeare soliloquies from memory, he will happily sit for you if you have the right treat.

We are thrilled to feature Winston as our July Pet of the Month!