Whiskey-on-the-couch.jpgMeet Whiskey, a two-and-a-half-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel belonging to Teresa Chiftis, Group Manager-Tax Controversies at Microsoft Corporation, and her husband, Jeff.

During his time as a show dog, this handsome guy used the moniker “Covington Virginia’s Gentleman,” a riff on a type of bourbon whiskey. Keeping with the theme, Teresa and Jeff renamed him “Whiskey” when they adopted him about eight months ago. Other names this sweet boy answers to include Peanut, Whiskey Woo, Woo Woo, and Little Man.

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Whiskey enjoys visiting the park and hiking on nearby trails, though during his first hike, he had no idea what to do when he came upon a fallen log blocking the path. His hiking skills have

 improved tremendously since then, and he now bounds over such obstacles without hesitation.

Whiskey is not a finicky eater and loves all food. He can be a bit skittish but will warm up to just about anyone if treats are involved!

At the end of the day, Whiskey retires to Teresa and Jeff’s bed and almost always manages to position himself so that he and Teresa are touching heads.

He loves his furry brother Rocky and his new parents immensely. Whiskey is a very-deserving Pet of the Month!

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