Eversheds Sutherland’s newest SALT associate, Peter Hull, recently joined our New York office and brought along the latest addition to our SALT pet family, Luna.

An adorable, but sometimes troublesome, two-year-old golden retriever, Luna has a knack for mischief – including the time she became “that dog,” and ate Peter’s law school notebook at the end of the semester. Her hijinks don’t end there. Luna will often wait for Peter to leave home and jump on his bed to nap on his pillows. While she thinks she’s sly and can jump off the bed right when he gets home, the dog hair on the pillow is a clear giveaway.

If she’s not at home, you can generally find Luna at the dog park, where she is the life of the party. Always on the lookout for a mud pit to roll around in, Luna spends most of her mornings running around and playing with the other dogs, usually tiring herself out for the nap as mentioned above.

We’re pleased to welcome both Peter and Luna to the Eversheds Sutherland SALT family, and excited to feature Luna as our August pet of the month!