Tim and Tessa.jpgMeet Tessa, the cuddly Shih Tzu of Sutherland SALT’s Tim Gustafson and his wife, Emily. Twelve-year-old Tessa has lived quite an exciting life. After whisking her (and Tim’s wife, to whom Tessa belonged) away from Bakersfield, California, Tim smuggled the pup – ironically – into Amsterdam and transported her to the southernmost part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands where he was stationed with the U.S. Army.  Over the next two years, she marked her territory in the Netherlands, Germany, Tessa.jpgFrance, Belgium and Luxembourg. She even met her doppelganger on the streets of Heidelberg. Tessa is happy to be back in the States, however, far from the insufferable pretentiousness of those European yappers. Now, she enjoys long naps on the couch, chasing squirrels, long naps on her bed, chasing skunks, long naps on Tim’s bed, and scrounging for “people food.” Tessa would thank us for being featured as the May Pet of the Month, but she is no doubt taking a long nap.